Squat Right – Tips For Achieving the Ideal Body

Looking great in a pair of funky colored fitness leggings isn’t an easy feat. Sure, they’re comfortable but not everyone looks great wearing them. They can try too! The ‘size that fits all’ high waist fitness leggings for women offered by FigureSlim can help you look great while working out.

Of course, if you want to further tone down your legs and butt, the best exercise for that is the squat.

When Squatting, Always Do So Correctly



Yes, there’s a right and wrong way of squatting. Following an incorrect squatting position can make the exercise less effective. This means you will be essentially wasting your time and energy for only minimal results! Or, there’s the risk of injury by not doing squats in the correct manner.

We teamed up with a few fitness experts and came up with the following basic squatting tips. Doing these will ensure you always look good in your fitness leggings while working out!

Tip #1: Keep Your Knees Facing Forward!

Probably the most important tip of all, this is also one which is the least followed. While people instinctively buckle up the knees, it’s imperative not to do so when getting down or coming up from a squat.

Here’s why; when knees are buckled, undue pressure is put on them which can easily lead to injury. In addition, buckling puts strain on the back. 

Tip #2: Widen Those Feet


Most women have the unconscious tendency to stand with their feet close together (when squatting). Doing this renders the entire workout completely ineffective as this keeps you from going as deep as possible.

Not widening the feet enough also buckles up the knees. You’ll get the best results by widening your stance.

Tip #3: Go Deep

This is the final tip, but equally important. When you squat, make sure it’s as low as possible. Try to get down as far as possible without buckling your knees or losing the correct form. The intensity and effectiveness of your squat is largely dependent on how much depth is achieved.

One more thing; when squatting, sit back like you would into a chair (only not on the ground). It will be worth it in the end but if you’re out of fitness leggings, here’s a chance to win really cool ones from FigureSlim!

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