Know The Difference Between A Waist Trainer And A Corset Before Buying One

Today women’s shape-wear is being created to suit different tastes of consumers in this up and coming market. Whatever the user requires, whether in regards to aesthetic sense or functionality, can be purchased online. Despite the growing demand on these body shaping garments however, women fail to differentiate between a corset and a functional waist trainer.

Not having enough information on the highly popular body-wear leads people to confusion which results in anyone wanting to purchase a waist trainer to shy away from actually doing so. Of course, women looking for a quality waist cincher can easily do so from Figure Slim too.

So, what are the differences between a corset and waist cincher?


This body shape-wear can be tight-laced according to the wearer’s requirement. Corsets are typically worn as a fashion statement; for fun and erotic purposes. Some, however, can also be used for foundation and medical reasons. Providing a temporary smaller waist, corsets also create a beautiful silhouette.

Waist Cincher

This type of shape-wear is primarily designed for waist compression. It’s typically worn by women who’re working to create a flat abdominal region as this fitness apparel is specifically designed to lend support to the waist only. You can easily purchase the waist cincher from Figure Slim. We also offer a wide range of control and support levels (from very light to extra firm).

Corset Waist Cincher

This type of shape-wear is the genuine corset, only shorter than an under-bust. Any corset will be called a ‘cincher’ or ‘under-bust’, depending on a person’s proportions. More often than not, a short corset advertised as a ‘cincher’ can easily fall under the full under-bust category on a person that has a short torso. Corsets between 8”-10” on the side seam are considered to be neither here nor there. A corset waist cincher can either pose as a cincher or full under-bust corset. This depends on the height and torso length of the wearer.

Waist Training

This women’s fitness apparel is all about reduction of the wearer’s natural waist size, over time with consistent wearing of the shape-wear when working out. Waist trainers are more result oriented as compared to other types of cinchers. They are specifically designed to be used when working out. A good quality waist trainer offers wearers greater mobility, increased posture and support.

When it comes to getting that stunning hour-glass figure, it is recommended that you opt for waist trainers. While corsets offer a temporary aesthetic appeal, providing you with that slim, well rounded figure; waist trainers that are especially designed to permanently get into shape. Over time, coupled with your workout, you get the body that you’ve wanted.

An online boutique of top rated body shape-wear and other fitness apparel for women, Figure Slim offers its clients high quality products in the most affordable price. All shape-wear available is hand-made using only the best materials and fabrics. In fact, Figure Slim offers an extensive collection of fitness apparel such as latex/non-latex waist trainers, reducing creams, fitness belts, and high quality supplex material leggings and sport tops in our fitness apparel collection. View it all here!

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