Let's do it together !!

Hello ladies

Many of you may know me by now, my name is Kamelia & I'm the owner of Figure Slim. I started my own transformation using our products consistently and religiously.

I will be 100 % honest the first time I started to use a waist trainer, I felt disgusting and ready to explode BUT I decided to not take it off and start using it all the during during my workouts.

Not only did I see my body reshaping especially around the abdominal area, but it provides me with extra back support while working out and I loved it.

Transformations are never easy, but when done together, they aren't as hard.

I would like you to join me and do it together, reshape your body using Figure Slim Body Shape wear, share your BEFORE & AFTER photo with us.

& we will send you a new waist trainer for ONLY $ 38.99 as a motivation to keep up the amazing work !

Must be emailed to: Sales@FigureSlim.com , including your original order# & photo. Photos must be before & after, you don't have to show your face, just your amazing transformation.

& of course here is my photo, I was already loosing weight in my before photo, but I never had abs nor an amazing shape !

Cant wait to see you all, transforming your bodies, let's go :)



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