All-Male Panel At Fox News Offers Some ‘Ridiculous’ Rules For Wearing Leggings

Being a woman in today’s increasingly male-chauvinistic world is hard enough. Add into that catcalls on the street to verbal attacks in gyms, women everywhere are reminded that we, the so-called weaker sex, have to always be on our toes.

The perception, ‘men will be men’, isn’t solving anything. Yet kudos to all those women who, despite clear opposition, aren’t afraid to rock it out wearing form fitting Brazilian leggings and whatever they deem comfortable.

Hitting male pride on the head, women can and do wear anything they want. Too bad Fox News didn’t get the memo.

Fox News Held a Panel on a ‘Serious Issue’- It Wasn’t Serious, It Wasn’t an Issue

As ridiculous as it sounds, Fox News immortalized themselves as probably the first ‘serious news channel’ that help a very serious panel on leggings. The panel was as absurd as it was insulting and sexist but since when has the world been kind to women-folk?

As if being judged for your clothing choices wasn’t brutal in high-school, this Fox News segment provided new fodder for all our clothing related nightmares.

Leggings Aren’t To Be Worn As Pants!

We whole-heartedly agree. Pants and leggings are entirely different entities, in fact you’ll commit a fashion faux pas by wearing jeans as if they were meant to be leggings and vice versa. That being said, we don’t agree to the “leggings aren’t pants-pants” rant heard round the world.

While this somewhat controversial issue isn’t the first one to be heard, Fox News just had to make it worse, inviting three famous dads on their popularly watched segment Fox and Friends. Why?

To critique the rising trend of wearing leggings outside the gym, of course.


Introducing the Honorable Panelists

Made up of famous dads, the panel included Fox News analyst Aidala Andrew Sansone (who by the way is the husband of Fox News fame, Julie Banderas) and Willie Robertson who is well known for the American reality television series, Duck Dynasty. What is Robertson well known for? Nothing significant, really.  

The Fact Of This Matter: Let Women Wear What They Want!

Yes, there are some who wouldn’t consider wearing leggings outside of the gym or the comfort of their home, yet this doesn’t mean others have the right to judge - or stare - at a woman who does choose to wear a nice pair of Brazilian leggings, while enjoying coffee or on her morning run.

Especially with better looking and comfortable leggings available, who’s stopping women from what they want to wear? If men are feeling left out, Figure Slim even offers an all-male collection!

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