3 Dos And Don’ts of Buying Mesh Leggings

There’re some fashion trends that change as frequently as Taylor Swift’s boyfriends (we still love her), others that fade away with time, and then there are those that come back with a bang – and are here to stay.

The ones that make a comeback always do by gliding and adapting to other styles, slowly becoming fashion staples of our wardrobe. One such an example is mesh leggings.

Like most others, mesh leggings aren’t a new trend. In fact, we would have been caught up in its net ages ago if not for our love for brightly patterned Brazilian leggings. This trend is here to stay which means you should have a lovely pair of these leggings hanging in your closet.

Following is a guide that’ll help you find the pair of leggings, mesh or otherwise!

Consult a Sizing Chart

Consulting a sizing chart is the first thing to do when buying a pair of Brazilian or mesh leggings. There’s has always been an issue with finding the correct size as different brands offer different sizing charts. Therefore, take your measurements along when purchasing this apparel. These measurements can then be checked against the sizes offered by fitness apparel brands.

Consider Legging Material

Leggings (be there Brazilian or otherwise) are incredibly multi-functional. Wearers can also pair and style them anyway, with a variety of outfits! Keeping this in mind, you should choose the material according to its intended purpose.

Consider Length

Like other fitness pants, leggings too come in different various lengths. The most popular leggings in their length are Capri leggings, ankle length leggings, stirrup leggings and knee length leggings. One way to determine the ideal length is by determining the intended use of the wearer or their personal preference in leggings.

Remember: Tights and Leggings Are Not the Same

While both shapewear is constructed from stretchable and form-fitting fabric can be worn underneath other clothing, tights and leggings do have some major differences.

  • Leggings are made of a tougher material, compared to tights
  • At the bottom of the ankles, you’ll notice that leggings are cropped
  • Leggings are typically considered both summer and winter wear

Keeping the above in mind when shopping for Brazilian or mesh leggings will ensure you find the perfect fit possible. The high quality fabric used by Figure Slim will make sure the leggings you choose fits any body type so all you have to do is size up and browse through our collection of high waist leggings!

Also, stay in touch. We’re about to offer something big soon!

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