The Right Legging For Your Body Type

Love to wear leggings, yet don’t know the one cardinal rule about this type of fitness wear? Well, you’re in luck. Not only will we establish that leggings aren’t, in fact, pants but also provide helpful tips for legging wear according to your body type.

Are you following so far? Good! Now repeat this: Leggings are NOT pants. They’re better.

Leggings Aren’t Confined To Only a Specific Body Type

This is the second cardinal rule. Unlike pants, this fitness apparel can be worn by anyone! If worn the right way, women of any body type can easily rock of a pair of Brazilian leggings, either on their way to the store or sweating it on in the gym.

On to some very helpful tips, now that’s established;

For Tall Women

Tall women can easily flaunt their beautiful legs by wearing a great pair of leggings underneath a form-fitting dress, skirt or even under a loose tunic. Have a favorite dress just hanging in the closet due its small size? Pair it up with form fitting leggings that go well with the dress!

Why wait for summer when you can wear summery dresses just as easily in the fall and winter (provided the dress is layered with a scarf and long cardigan). Patterned Brazilian leggings will look great with a solid colored shirt. Just add in tall, brown boots and you’re off to go.

For Curvy Women

One way to look phenomenal in leggings is by pairing the apparel with a belted tunic. The tunic should be long enough, so that your hips and rear are covered. Why? Curvy women wearing leggings can flaunt their assets in even the most subtle ways! 

While monochromatic colors do flatter this body type, sometimes its way more fun to take it up a notch by choosing a loud and colorful pattern. Keep in mind though- it won’t be a good idea to wear patterns, both on top and bottom. Choose only one; never both.

For Pear-shaped Women

The first inclination of women with classic pear shaped body proportions is typically to avoid leggings, altogether. If worn the right way however, a pair of great looking leggings can be flattering on women with this body shape. Take Kim Kardashian for example. Her walk-in closet is filled with Ankle-length leggings, that when paired with a long tunic and jacket (or cardigan) brings out the best in this shape.

Women should feel beautiful whatever their body shape. Take a look at our extensive shape-wear collection for women


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